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Customise Chatbot Image

Make it your own

Customize with your brand identity and messaging style

See it yourself

This chat is trained on the documentation.

Elevate your customer service to the next level

Manual support with other customer service tools can be cumbersome and time-consuming

Long customer wait times

Limited support during off-business hours

High operational costs for customer service

Manual handling of routine inquiries

Leverage the power of AI, boosting conversions and saving more time for business growth

Instant, 24/7 automated customer support

Reduced operational costs with AI efficiency

Personalized customer interactions

Valuable insights from customer data analytics

Compatible with apps you trust


Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChatPuma?
ChatPuma is AI-powered no-code chatbot builder platform that allows you to create and deploy to your website in minutes. It is designed to leverage your business's relevant data from your website, empowering you to provide real-time and accurate answers to your customers' inquiries through the embedable chat bubble.
How does it work?
You can create a chatbot in minutes using our no-code chatbot builder. Just provide a link to your website and we will extract all relevant content which you can cherry-pick afterwards in order to train your chatbot with the best data. Then, you can deploy it to your website using our embeddable chat widget or chat bubble anywhere on your website.
Can I customize the chatbot to align with my unique needs?
Yes, you can train the chatbot with your specific business data, enabling it to deliver personalized and context-aware responses to better serve your customers.
How can I add ChatPuma to my website?
Adding it is easy! Simply create your chatbot and choose whether you want to embed an iframe on a specific page or add a chat bubble to the bottom right corner of your whole website.
On what data can the chatbot be trained on?
Your chatbot can be trained on data from your website. You can provide a link to your website and we will extract all the business-relevant content from various sources such as web pages, documents, and files. Then, you can select the which data sources you want to use and which to exclude for your chatbot training.
Where is my data stored?
We do not store your website data in a readable format. We only store the trained model that is used to generate responses to user queries. The trained model is stored in a secure cloud storage. We do not share your data with anyone and do not use your data for any other purpose than to train your chatbot.
How much does it cost?
We offer a free plan with full access to all basic capabilities but with limited volume of messages you can send. Paid plans are very generious in messages volume limit, allowing for hundreds of queries. The paid plans start from $19/month for 2000 messages.
How do I get started?
You can get started by creating an account and head to "My Chatbots" to create your first chatbot. Then you can get the embed code and deploy it to your website.
What is the difference between the free and paid plans?
The free plan has limited access to features and messages volume. The paid plan is recommended for commercial use.
What languages does it support?
ChatPuma supports 100+ languages. You can have your website in any language and then have conversation in any language.
Can I share a chatbot I created?
Yes, you can share the URL of your chatbot with anyone or embed it on your website.

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